Jordan’s Story

“Now when I talk about everything the Hospice did for my mum, I tell the whole story…
They gave her another life for another year – and for that we’re eternally grateful.”

For my mum, Yvonne, Christmas was the biggest day of the year. It was your typical family Christmas, all of us gathered round the table, singing and laughing, having the best time. Mum always cooked an amazing dinner for ten, fifteen people – she would run around the place getting everything ready, all the while making sure everyone had a big grin on their face and a glass of something festive in their hand.

Mum always put others first. Each decision she made was guided by her faith and good Christian morals. Her philosophy was to ‘plant the seed and hope that it would grow’ and she did this at every opportunity. Whether it was in her career, or through the wonderful (and often secret!) good deeds she did for others, mum was the kindest, most thoughtful and generous person who walked this earth.

In 2017 though, mum was given a life-changing cancer diagnosis. We were all devastated. When her symptoms started to get worse, she said that she wanted to go to St Andrew’s Hospice for support. She’d heard lots of positive stories about the Hospice from her friend who worked there. To be honest, I was skeptical at first. In my head, a hospice was a place you went and didn’t leave again. But it was what mum wanted.

Mum first went into the Hospice for pain management. We were nervous, but she was so calm about it all. She knew that she’d get the help she needed to be able to come home again. As soon as we walked through the reception doors, we were greeted by the loveliest staff. “Take a wee seat, we’re just getting your bedroom checked for you,” they said. It was like we were in a hotel. The whole place was stunning – and so peaceful. We were introduced to everyone there; right away we were made to feel like old friends, not like people they’d only just met.

Magnus, mum’s doctor, came into her bedroom, sat down next to her and held her hand. He gently explained how they were going to care for her and give her the right medication, so she’d be able to go home again. Very quickly my mindset changed. I realised that the Hospice wanted to do everything they could to help mum live as comfortably and happily for as long as possible. Over the space of a year and a half, mum went in several times for check-ups and pain management – all so she could come back home to be with her family.

And every time we went into the Hospice, the staff offered us tea, biscuits, meals – you name it. Everyone there cared so much. They talked to mum like she was a dear pal, wanting to find out the things that meant a lot to her. They quickly learned about mum’s faith and arranged for the Sisters to come in to chat with mum, which really helped her through such a difficult time.

In December 2019, the Christmas before mum passed away, she spent several days at the Hospice. The entire place was like a fairyland; you really felt the Christmas spirit. They’d gone to so much effort with their beautiful decorations, music and Christmas nibbles. The nurses treated mum as if she was their own family; they decorated her room, spent hours chatting with her – they knew how much Christmas meant to her and promised her it would be special. And it was. Mum was even able to come home two days before Christmas Day to have the magical day she’d hoped for!

Everything St Andrew’s did for mum and our family was just incredible. Throughout mum’s whole journey, they were right there with expert medical knowledge, compassion and friendship. They gave her the kind of care that we couldn’t. They gave her another beautiful year of life. For that we are eternally grateful.

So, this winter, please support another local Lanarkshire family like mine. Give them a wonderful Christmas that they’ll never forget.

With thanks,