Visiting Guidelines

Updated on 10th April 2020
A message from CEO Bruce High regarding visiting guidelines

The situation regarding coronavirus is constantly changing as is our understanding of the way it is spread and what we need to do in order to minimise the risk of that spread. From Saturday 11th April, we are changing our measures, detailed below, to further reduce the risk to everyone and I therefore require that for the safety of your loved one, yourself and our staff, you please adhere to these until further notice.

Visitors to all patients

  • All patients will only be allowed one named visitor during their stay at the Hospice
  • All visiting will be between 2-6pm only
  • All visitors will be asked to wear personal protective equipment e.g. face masks, aprons and gloves
  • All visitors must practice social distancing from staff and other visitors. Therefore, visitors will be asked to either leave the room or move 2 metres away from staff when they enter the room to provide or monitor care.

Visitor of patients who are suspected or confirmed as having COVID-19 will be issued with additional instructions by the Nurse in Charge.

Nursing or medical staff are happy to provide updates on a patient’s condition via telephone at a convenient time. The Clinical Team are happy to support patients to keep in touch with those who are unable to visit via; phone / Face Time / WhatsApp on their own devices to maintain communication with their loved ones. Unfortunately at this time, we cannot allow visitors to stay overnight in the Hospice.

People who are confirmed as being COVID-19 positive or have symptoms of a cough or fever should not visit the Hospice under any circumstances.

I apologise for such strict rules. We are trying hard to maintain visiting at the hospice and your adherence to these rules will help us to do that by protecting everyone’s safety.

Thank you for your support and cooperation at this difficult time for everyone.

Visitors who have any concerns should ask to speak to the Nurse in Charge.

Yours sincerely,
Bruce High