Ways to help

Whether you are an individual, company or community group, you can help us reach our target.

Here are just a few ways you can get involved and help rebuild St Andrew’s Hospice;
To donate to our Capital Appeal online, please complete our online donation form.

Alternatively, you can make a one-off or regular donation by completing our individual giving form and returning it to us at:

Capital Appeal Team, St Andrew’s Hospice, Henderson Street, Airdrie ML6 6DJ

Ways to helpOther ways to help

• Take on a challenge – either as a business or personally – to raise funds. The challenge can be anything you are interested in or you think you can get others to support

• Matched funding – if your business can afford this or your Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy allows this

• Spread the word about the Appeal or open doors for us where you think there will be people who will be willing to give their support which can be financial or otherwise

• Adopt us as your Charity Partner or Charity of the Year

Attend an event that we are running or volunteer at one of our events

• Sponsor an event

• Donate prizes for auctions or raffles

• Put on an event for us

• Become a major donor

• Become an Ambassador or Patron

• Commit to a monthly donation via our individual giving leaflet

• Join us on Facebook and Twitter and share information about the Appeal and the challenge we face in raising £9million.

If you would like to discuss an event or partnership or would like to learn more about the Appeal, please get in touch with the Capital Appeal team on 01236 772048 or contact us online.