Carol’s Story

Carol's StoryCarol Campbell won the St Andrew’s Hospice Lottery jackpot in October 2022. Carol told us why she supports the Hospice by playing our weekly lottery…

“When my mum passed away in October 2014, it was like losing my right arm.  We were so close. After about a month, it really hit me.  I was so sad and depressed.

“At this point, I contacted St. Andrew’s Hospice to enquire about counselling.  I’m so glad I did.  The support I received was amazing.

“I felt much more in control of my grieving and sadness after 8 sessions.  The counsellor just lets you talk away about how you’re feeling.  It’s amazing how you can offload to a complete stranger.  It’s a brilliant service and delivered absolutely free.

“As a consequence of this help, I grew closer to the Hospice and frequently have coffee mornings and luncheons in their Dove Café, and of course, visit the Dove Shop too!

“I’m so happy to support the Hospice in any way I can.”