We need your help to buy urgently needed riser recliner chairs for our patients. Bring comfort and relief to our patients with a donation today.

Hello, my name is Julie Kerr and I am one of the Physiotherapists here at St Andrew’s Hospice. I have had the privilege of working in the Hospice for the last 21 years and our patients inspire me every day. My job is to offer every patient help and support with their mobility.

We have 24 inpatient beds here at St Andrew’s where we deliver compassionate, specialist care – but we do need your help with a problem.

The majority of our patients struggle with their mobility and spend a lot of time lying in bed. We try to get patients up and onto a recliner chair as often as possible. However, our recliner chairs are old, worn and are no longer fit for purpose and we urgently require replacements.

As well as the physical benefits of the recliner chairs; including reducing pressure and swelling, preventing sores and increasing comfort – the chairs are vital to our patients’ wellbeing.

Getting out of bed in the morning may seem like a little thing to you or I, but for our patients, this can mean a lot to them. Getting up, getting dressed and ready for the day ahead – perhaps in preparation for a visit from loved ones – can help boost their confidence and self-esteem. The battery operated chairs can also be taken outside into our lovely courtyard so patients and their visitors can enjoy the great outdoors or taken to our movie screenings where they can get comfortable and enjoy a film with their families.

The riser recliners provide additional mobility assistance too, helping patients move from a sitting to standing position at the touch of a button. This gives them more independence and helps reduce the risk of falls.

We have trialled the new recliner chair in the Hospice and one of our patient’s loved ones has given this feedback: “Our brother felt more comfortable in this recliner chair. He was sitting up straight, whereas in previous chairs, he kept slipping down. He was able to sit for longer periods in this chair, meaning he was able to be out of bed for longer.”

The last few years have been very challenging for everyone; with the COVID pandemic followed by the current cost of living crisis which has seen our heating and electricity bills increase dramatically. Due to this, we simply don’t have the funds to purchase these new recliner chairs that we urgently require.

Each recliner chair costs £4,143.17 and we need 24 of them. The chairs will be used by over 220 people each year to give them much needed comfort and support with their mobility – and we can expect a good 5 years use from each one.

I’m not asking you to buy a recliner chair on your own (although if you would like to, you can). You could be one of 150 people who each donate £27.62 – which would buy a recliner chair and make a huge difference to someone living with a life-limiting illness.

Click here to make a donation today and help bring comfort and relief to our patients. Thank you.