Become a Befriender

Loneliness costs lives. It is linked to a range of chronic conditions, including high blood pressure and depression, and more than doubles the risk of developing dementia.

Our CLAN team is working across Lanarkshire to beat loneliness, with the help of volunteer befrienders who do a brilliant job by spending time with people who are lonely and isolated due to life-limiting illness.

Margot, a St Andrew’s Hospice befriender told us: “I really feel that I am making a difference to someone’s quality of life, when I see them regain lost confidence or enjoy having a listening ear to recall memories of times past. Carers also benefit from some respite time… Befriending is a most worthwhile and rewarding experience.”

Can you regularly lend a couple of hours of your time to support people with life-limiting illness in your community? If so, please contact our CLAN Team on 01236 776951 for more information.