Grieving allows us to heal, to remember with love rather than pain. It is a sorting process; letting go of the things that are gone and mourning for them while taking hold of the things that have become part of who you are and build again.

Grief affects different people in different ways and can cause intense emotional pain that is difficult to recover from. Grief encompasses a broad range of feelings and behaviours that are common after a loss.

Whether we experience it or not, grief accompanies changes in our lives. People can experience a variety of physical and emotional responses; ranging from sadness, anger, guilt, anxiety, loneliness, exhaustion and fatigue, relief, numbness, disbelief, confusion among many others.

St Andrew’s Hospice Bereavement Service is available to the community of Lanarkshire and is provided after a minimum of six months after bereavement. Our bereavement support team offers confidential support and counselling to people who have experienced a bereavement and are struggling to adjust to a new reality while coping with the pain of loss.

When you are bereaved you may experience feelings and thoughts that are difficult to deal with on your own. Being part of a Bereavement Group may help you to share how you feel and think in an empathic, non-judgmental, safe place with others who are also grieving.

The Bereavement Group at St Andrew’s Hospice aims to provide you with the opportunity to meet with others who have also experienced the pain of grief and loss and to support you to deal with difficult emotions so that you can adapt to the change brought about by bereavement and re-build your life.

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