Leave a gift in your Will

Leave a lasting legacy for Lanarkshire by leaving a gift in your Will

St Andrew’s Hospice relies on the continuous support of the communities we serve. Please help us ensure that we can continue to provide specialist palliative care for families of the future.

We are asking the people of Lanarkshire, existing and new supporters, to help St Andrew’s Hospice , by making or updating a Will and including the Hospice as a beneficiary.

It is quick, easy and inexpensive to have a simple Will drafted by a properly qualified professional.

When you write a Will and keep it up-to-date, you can feel secure in the knowledge that your wishes will be adhered to after you have gone and that the people you care about will be provided for.

Every Penny Counts

You do not need to leave a large gift to make a difference.

By including a gift in your Will to St Andrew’s Hospice, you will be helping to ensure our services remain available, free of charge, for your loved ones and those you care about well into the future.

If you have an existing Will but would like to leave a gift to the Hospice, you can do this by having a Codicil added to your Will.

Make a Will Month

Throughout March, St Andrew’s Hospice runs its annual Make a Will Month Campaign.

During this month, participating Solicitors waive their fee for writing a basic Will in return for a suggested donation to the Hospice.

Legacy Promise

Our promises about Gifts in Wills

  1. We promise not to intrude on your privacy by telephoning you about this way of giving.
  1. We will never ask you the size or type of legacy if you decide to support our work this way.
  1. We absolutely recognise that those close to you come first in your Will.
  1. We will never ask you to tell us your intentions, but if you tell us your intentions we are then able to say thank you, which is nice to do!
  1. We fully understood that personal circumstances change and there might be a time when you must take St Andrew’s Hospice out of your Will.
  1. We promise to use your gift wisely for the benefit of future generations.

Types of Legacy

There are three main types of gifts you can leave in your Will.

Whichever you choose, whatever its size, your gift will help us to care for the people of Lanarkshire for years to come.

Residuary legacy   – where the legacy is expressed in a percentage or remainder of your estate after expenses and other gifts have been deducted

Pecuniary legacy  – a gift of a specified amount of money

Specific legacy – where a particular item – such as property, jewellery, or shares is bequeathed.

You might also consider a reversionary legacy – or lifetime gift. This could be appropriate if you need to ensure that relatives or friends are provided for after you die. You can leave your house or income for their benefit during their lifetime. On their death, the property or any remaining income can be passed to St Andrew’s Hospice.

You should always seek professional advice when making or amending a Will, but you may find the process is simpler and more affordable than you think.

St Andrew’s Hospice is dependent on gifts left by families, friends and supporters in their Wills. If you are considering leaving a gift to the Hospice, we very much appreciate you thinking of us.

Please tell us if you have left St Andrew’s Hospice a gift in your Will or are considering doing so – it will allow us to plan future services and keep you updated on our work. Most importantly, it will allow us to thank you in your lifetime for the most generous gift you can give.

When leaving a gift to St Andrew’s Hospice in your Will, please remember to use:

Our full name – St Andrew’s Hospice (Lanarkshire)

Our address – Henderson Street, Airdrie, ML6 6DJ

Our registered charity number – SC010159

If you do not have an existing Will and would like a list of solicitors in the local area who support St Andrew’s Hospice, please contact our Trust Fundraising Officer Lorna McCafferty.

Lorna will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about making a Will and leaving a legacy to St Andrew’s Hospice.

Contact Details: Lorna McCafferty


Direct Tel: 01236 772087

By leaving a gift in your Will to St Andrew’s Hospice you can help a family at their most vulnerable time. Leaving a legacy can help us to continue to provide the highest possible standards of care to our patients and support to their loved ones when they need it most.