Bereavement Support

Coping with bereavement during the coronavirus outbreak

St Andrew’s Hospice has provided free bereavement support for over 26 years to the people of Lanarkshire, regardless of whether their loved one died in St Andrew’s Hospice or not.

We normally offer a range of bereavement support services but sadly, due to the coronavirus outbreak, this isn’t currently possible. The safety of our service users, volunteers and staff is paramount.

We appreciate that many people will be dealing with the stresses associated with this disruption to life, as well as maybe coping with a bereavement and/or carer responsibilities. We want to ensure that you still have the opportunity of support.

Our Patient & Family Support Team are providing a call back service to those who are most in need of support.

If you feel that you might benefit from a supportive telephone call from one of our team, please complete the ‘Support call for me’ form below.

Equally, if you have a friend or family member without internet access who might benefit from this support, please let them know about this service. If you have their permission, you can request a supportive telephone call for them on their behalf by completing the ‘Support call for my loved one / patient’ form below. Healthcare professionals should also use this form to refer a patient to our Support Services team.

A range of helpful advice and information leaflets can be found here:

This will be the telephone number we call you on.