Draw a House Competition – Statement

St Andrew’s Hospice has been made aware that The Draw a House competition to win a 5 bedroom house on Alexander Street in Airdrie initiated and run by the homeowner, Mr Phil Leckie is not now proceeding on Sunday 20th December.

Although Mr Leckie advised the Hospice that he intended to donate “proceeds in excess of the home value to St Andrew’s Hospice”, as stated on the website www.drawahouse.com, the Hospice did not operate this competition and it was fully operated by Mr Leckie.

Mr Leckie did contact our Fundraising Team about the potential donation to the Hospice and a small number of people purchased physical raffle tickets by handing in money directly to the Hospice.

If you are one of this small group of people, please contact John Brady or Louise O’Donnell at St Andrew’s Hospice on 01236 766951. On production of a valid raffle ticket(s), we will organise a refund in full. This only applies to tickets which were purchased directly from the Hospice.

Draw a House was organised by the homeowner of which St Andrew’s Hospice was to be a potential beneficiary if the proceeds of sale exceeded the Home Report value.

We regret any disappointment caused to participants who purchased tickets because of the intended donation to our Hospice.