Ambassador Scheme

What is it?

Ambassador SchemeAn ambassador is someone in your school or college who would like to be a representative for the Hospice. We started this scheme in 2013 with the simple aim of giving pupils and students who want to go the extra mile for the Hospice a role, and the recognition they deserve.

It is aimed at senior pupils in primary and secondary schools and college students who want to help. There are a few things that we ask all of our ambassadors to do, such as:

  • Visit the Hospice at some point during the year
  • Help us raise awareness of the Hospice, for example promoting Hospice Care Week
  • Come to one of our fundraising events or organise your own fundraising activity at school, college or in your community
  • Learn about the Hospice and the services we offer
  • Tell people about the difference the Hospice makes to patients and their loved ones.

What do ambassadors get from being involved?

  • They are given a Hospice Ambassador badge to wear with pride
  • An achievement certificate for their portfolio
  • In S5 and S6, they can gain a bronze, silver or gold award and badge
  • Learn skills to add to job applications
  • Experiences to add to UCAS forms
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Support from our Schools, Colleges and Communities team
  • Transferable life skills