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Riser recliner chair

These are the chairs we urgently require to bring comfort to our patients.

Watch Julie’s demo video here

Benefits to our patients:

  • Exceptional comfort
  • Improved pressure care
  • Better posture management which helps with eating & breathing

Benefits to our staff:

  • Easy to manoeuvre – saves pressure on nurses’ backs
  • Easy to clean

These are high specification, healthcare grade chairs which have two electronic motors to provide the very highest level of comfort for our patients. The adaptability of these chairs mean they are suitable for most of the people we care for. The footrest can rise to be completely horizontal and the back can also recline to be practically horizontal as well. These combinations mean that we will be able to find the most suitable position to make each patient comfortable.

Every patient is unique, so these chairs come in a range of sizes to suit each individual. We will have supportive bolster cushions too – ensuring everyone, no matter their size or shape, will be fit perfectly in the chairs.

Each chair will have an in-built pressure relieving seat cushion. This costs a bit more but the comfort and relief that this will bring to our patients is everything! It also means patients can spend a lot longer in the chair and out of bed, if they wish.

All chairs will be fitted with a battery which can hold up to 3 weeks’ charge, allowing them to be taken outside into our lovely courtyard so patients and their visitors can enjoy the great outdoors or taken to our movie screenings where they can get comfortable and enjoy a film with their families.