These services require a referral from a healthcare professional.

Wellbeing: Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday
Wellbeing @ St Andrew’s aims to provide physical, emotional, spiritual and social support through a comprehensive day therapy programme for those with a life limiting illness. There are a total of 12 sessions in the programme and sessions are held weekly in our Outpatient Department from 10.30am – 2.30pm. Lunch is provided.

Complementary Therapy: Tuesday / Wednesday/ Friday
Our complementary therapy service provides a range of therapies including reflexology, aromatherapy, Indian head massage, therapeutic massage, reiki, relaxation and meditation techniques. This service is available by appointment.

Physiotherapy: Wednesday
Using a rehabilitative approach, we offer assessment and therapeutic intervention to support service users with symptom management and rehabilitation. This service is available by appointment.

Keep Moving @ St Andrew’s: Thursday
‘Keep Moving’ is a weekly group exercise programme, with a max number of 6 participants per class. The class is open to people living in Lanarkshire with a life-limiting illness who are unable, for whatever reason, to access exercise classes in their local leisure centre. Group exercise not only provides physical benefits, it can also provide mental stimulation, and a good social support network.

The programme is led by a Rehab Support Worker who is a level 4 instructor in postural stability and supported and mentored by the Outpatient Manager who is a Palliative Specialist Occupational Therapist.

The programme consists of a tailored low level exercise session lasting one hour and participants will be offered a minimum of 6 sessions.

Referrals will be made by Health Care professionals and must meet the following criteria.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Living in Lanarkshire with progressive disease or life limiting illness
  • Able to mobilise with or without aid, unassisted

Exclusion Criteria

  • Cardiovascular instability
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Any other Uncontrolled Health condition which may affect ability to exercise safely
  • Cognitively unable to take part in class
  • Participants who are unable to monitor or modify their exercise level or technique or follow advice

Occupational Therapy: Friday
Provides assessment and therapeutic intervention to promote participation in everyday activities, despite illness or disability. This can be through rehabilitation and/or provision of aids and adaptations to enable service users to achieve goals and maintain a level of independence for as long as they possibly can.