Robert stewart

To ‘big rab’ who has gone but will be forever in my heart. Will always miss and love you babes x

John McKendry

Husband, Dad, Grandad…..sorely missed and thought about every day. X
– Family

Libby Hughes

Time is a great healer…at least that’s what they tell us. The sense of loss felt since you passed trumped by the feeling of love and fondness in which you are remembered each and every day.
– Tommy

Anne Corrigan

For our beautiful mum and gran. We love and miss you every day, thank you for all the rainbows 🌈
– Your loving family

Jim Boyle

We love and miss you every day Jimbo.
Goodnight and God Bless x
– Your loving family x

Danny Cosgrove

The best papa in the world we miss you very much
– Sophie &Calvinxxxxxxx

Martha Black

Forever in my heart, forever missed 💕💕
– Wendy

Danny Cosgrove

Miss you so muchxx
– You’re loving wife

Martha Black

Loved and missed every day Gran 💕💕
– Wendy

Tony & Patricia Johnston

Mum and Dad, you are both missed so much. Love you always xxx
– Laura, Ella and Murray